Masani is a Taxi service for Moscow and Moscow region. We developed both iOS and Android apps for clients and drivers. It took two months to launch the app in 2015 and we have supported it ever since.
Driver's app
The driver gets orders in his personal account in the driver's app - he can choose the most profitable and reserve a few.

The driver can get the client detailes when the order is made: he can call the client if he is a bit late or see the client's location.
The country is devided into numerous tariff zones. When the driver passes from one zone to another the app calculates his track and time spent is each zone to get the trip price.

Taximeter can work when GPS and internet signal is lost: the data is cached in a local database and then uploaded to the server. Thus the whole route can be restored up to the last minute. In order to standardize the calculations we transferred the cost calculation algorythm into a javascript-module, that can be integrated into mobile apps and server code.
Client's app
The client can make an order, track the order progress, get notifications about its status, contact the call centre and rate the driver.

Clients' app uses a number of geocoding services at the same time. The maps used can be switched from Yandex to Google or OpenStreetMap upon a command from server.The alternative service is used when the main fails.
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