Play Pad
Play Pad is a tablet PC for kind with parental control
We developed an operational system for special tablet PC for kids and a launcher for any Android device.
This major project started with a small task to write a native root utility with access from a certain application. It later turned out that the client sells Android tablet PCs for kids and he had several game-apps and a simple Basic4Android launcher.
First there's a new launcher's design. The main screen has four sections: Games, Learning, Education and Other on a nice parallax background effect wallpaper.
Swipe to the left opens drawing app and widget adding.

We developed a communication protocol between the server and the app, which allowed us
– To get current settings of the time limits for app usage;
– To install apps from server and uninstall them;
– To get the list of available websites;
– To remotely block the tablet.
The root utility we wrote came in useful for installing and uninstalling the apps. We used the list of running processes to limit launching the application for the old Android versions and the statistics service for the new ones.

Alongside with this we developed the interface. We decided to change the look of the status bar, some native icons and the lock screen, so we had to make changes in Android System UI.
We also developed several games and a browser with the white list of websites.

When everything was done we put it in the firmware and sent it to the tablet producer. The first batch of Play Pads was soon on the counters.
We decided to make the kid's launcher openly accessible in Google Play. So parents can launch a sandbox on their own device to control their kid on the tablet.

There is a personal account for parents in the launcher, where you can set time limits for using the app:
Or see the child's location:
Parent App
When the launcher was released, we started the parent app, that could be used on a different device. The parent can install our launcher on his kid's tablet or smartphone and install the parent app on his own phone to remotely control his child.

The parent can set limits on using certain apps, monitor his child's location and see the usage statistics. You can also control several devices.
Our team also developed backend for remote control. We used parse.com, so the settings from the parent app come instantly. You can block the game and your child won't be able to play it in just a couple of seconds.
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