Uralsib personal investor account is used to set the investment portfolio into unit investment trusts, look through the analytics and operate on the accounts.
We made this app together with another studio, that developed backend and web portal for it. The design was made by a freelance UX-specialist and closely matched the iOS and Android guidelines. We had thought the architecture through before the work started and used several components that were new to us. For instance, we used Android Navigation Component for the first time in this app.
Reactive Extensions
Business processes were not adapted for mobile platforms. We had to look into business-processes of the management company with UIT transactions. We managed to bring the app's logic in iOS and Android to one standard by means of Reactive Extensions.
RxSwift and RxJava have similar methodology, philosophy and syntax, so the code we wrote makes business-logics the same on both platforms.
The pseudocode of all the business-processes is the same for both platforms, it is the specific platform methods and language that differ.
The app is full of complicated forms with a rather peculiar validation logic. We used MVVM with Data Binding for Android version. At that time there was no proper form validator to match our needs. So we wrote our own library with Data Binding-enabled, online field validation, masked input support and an option to set the error text for each validation rule.
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