Welltory is a healthcare analytics tool
The service transforms large scale data obtained by smartphones and trackers into a user-friendly information. Welltory selects and analyses data, giving insights into things that affect or don't affect your general well-being.

Heart rate variability was crucial in assessing the user's well-being in the first prototypes. The app uses BLE cardiac monitors and photoplethysmography to get information about heart function.

To calculate the heart rate variability we analyse how long the intervals between the cardiac contractions are.
We wrote a C++ algorithm of photoplethysmography for this project. We also made dramatic changes in it in the active versions and carefully transferred it in the library.

Photoplethysmography is a method of blood flow registration with a light source (flash) and a photoresistor (camera). The more intensive the blood flow is, the less light is absorbed by the tissues. Photoplethysmography allows to measure the blood volume pulse, which is caused by changes in the blood volume during each heartbeat, heart rhythm and heart rate variability.
MY DATA obtains the information from various sources: Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health and Welltory data aggregator. MY DATA shows curious data correlations and demonstrates the patterns obtained.
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